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(Eye tumors, Eye cancer, Retinoblastoma)
We put our knowledge with humanism at your fingertips, to give you or your child the chance to be cured and live a life free of cancer. Graduated from the center of Ocular Oncology most important in the world, I am part of the select group that has this subspecialty throughout Mexico, with the goal of achieving a country without eye cancer.

¿What is it?

No doubt listening to the word cancer is painful, whether it is diagnosed in us or in a family member, however from today you must know that ocular cancer is one of the most curable diseases of its kind.
A Mexico without Ocular Cancer is our most ambitious goal. We want to contribute to Mexico becoming a first world country like the United States, where eye tumors are currently the most curable type of cancer, with a 99% survival rate.

Children with retinoblastoma

This is a condition that unfortunately occurs in children. That is why in Ancona Ocular we diagnose and treat children with ophthalmological problems, focused on the retina and ocular cancer. We take you by the hand in a fun and friendly way to make the review and therapy a pleasant experience.
For example, the incorporation of stuffed animals has generated in our small patients to improve their attitude when facing their illness and therefore to improve their health status. Now they have a partner to take care of.

The visible signs include the following.

A white color in the central circle of the eye (the pupil), when a light shines on the eye.

An eye that looks deviated or that seems to look in the opposite direction to the other.


Dr. Ancona is a person, very professional, attentive to our doubts and concerns, very responsible in his career and about everyone with his patients, altruistic, always looking for the best alternatives available; We have had an excellent result with our daughter, since she has had a great improvement in her condition, she is knowledgeable about the most innovative treatments for retinoblastoma.

Case Experience

Good day to all.
I would like to share our experience with Dr. David Ancona. My name is Monzerrat S. and I am the mother of Lia R., my daughter is two years old and her diagnosis was Retinoblastoma (cancer in the left eye).

I am very pleased to recommend his work and that of his team, because from the beginning to the present we feel we are in the best hands, since the professionalism and medical ability is of a very high level, in addition to always being at the forefront with new techniques and procedures.

They have an immediate attention with a clear and precise communication from doctor to patient, besides great human quality, because we always have their disposition and support, besides being cordial and kind with our daughter and us.

Personally, we feel confident and optimistic, as we have seen that their priority is the well-being of our child, since it is intended to help make it possible to access the appropriate treatments.

Each doctor of his team is of high level, very professional, widely trained and with an exceptional human quality. We see that they are always giving their best to achieve the objectives set as a team.

This is our experience to this day, I hope it will be useful for future patients, since I would like more dissemination of the great work of these doctors, because families like mine are not aware of the great medical attention to which we could have access .

Thank you!

Monzerrat S. mom of Lia R.

¿How to treat it?

To achieve a better recovery, this type of treatment can not be in the hands of a single doctor, so Dr. David Ancona has assembled a medical group of specialists and subspecialists, which guarantees a harmonious and effective recovery. Therefore, throughout this process both you and your child will always be accompanied and supported by a specialist.

Dr. David Ancona

Oncological and Retinal Ophthalmology

Dr. Francisco Rivera Ortegón

Pediatric Oncology

Dra. Dione Aguilar y Méndez

Medical Genetics

Dr. José Antonio Figueroa Sánchez

Endovascular Neurology

Dr. Homero David Sandoval Alfaro


Dra. Caroline Guerrero de Ferran


Success case

Stefy's evolution

Stefy’s mother, a 2-year-old girl, noticed for the first time a white reflection in her left eye. Out of that detail she did not look sick and played and ran like her little companions. Dr. Ancona and his team diagnosed him with a fairly advanced state of Retinoblastoma, the most common malignant tumor in children that threatens to kill 3,500 Mexican children each year.

Stefy was a candidate for the newest therapy in the world that allows chemotherapy 10 times more powerful directly to the eye, without causing the undesirable effects of conventional chemotherapy such as hair loss, loss of appetite and weight, malaise or even death. After the therapy, the tumor was removed in its entirety, and the orbit was later reconstructed with the help of dermograse grafts and prostheses.

Today Stefy is in good health and is a winner of cancer. Best of all she never felt any pain or negative side effects and could keep her smile throughout the process.

Complete Staff

  • Dr. David Arturo Ancona Lezama – Ophthalmologist specialist in Ocular and Retinal Oncology
  • Dr. José Antonio Figueroa Sánchez – Endovascular Neurosurgeon
  • Dr. Caroline Guerrero de Ferran – Ophthalmologist specialist in Orbit and Oculoplastics
  • Dr. Andrea Rangel Padilla – Ophthalmologist specializing in pediatrics
  • Dr. Homero Sandoval Alfaro – Child psychiatrist
  • Dr. Paulina Hillman – Psychologist specializing in bonding and family therapy
  • Dr. Dione Aguilar y Méndez – Geneticist
  • Dr. Francisco Rivera Ortegón – Pediatric Oncologist
  • Dr. Leslie Uribe Ortiz – Pediatric Oncologist
  • Dra. Sara González Godínez – Ophthalmologist specialized in Ocular Ultrasound
  • Dr. Tania Núñez Morales – Maxillofacial Prosthesis

In the video you can see Stefy is happy to touch the bell that marks the end of her treatment and the expiration of cancer. She approached each of the team’s doctors to thank them personally with a hug and a kiss.


El arte de curar enfermedades de la vista con cirugía láser requiere delicadeza y precisión. Además, nunca olvidamos que tratamos personas y que la tranquilidad mental es una parte fundamental de la curación.









El profesionalismo y su preparación como retinólogo. Además de que platiqué con pacientes que operó y me lo recomendaron mucho.

Diego BProblema de retina

Estoy muy agradecido con el doctor David. Me curó de edema en la mácula con inyecciones y mi vista mejoró. Muy profesional y amable.

PecienteRetinopatía Diabética

La atención y la manera en explicar las cosas, excelente doctor! Me salió una perrilla y con una cirugía de menos de media hora quedé como nuevo!

PacienteCirugía de chalazión

Fui atendida en el IMSS donde me diagnosticaron desprendimiento de retina en mi ojo izquierdo y me dijeron que mi ojo no tenia solución. Acudí por una segunda opinión con el Dr Ancona y me dijo que a pesar de ser un caso difícil se podía intentar. Me operé y al mes y medio recuperé la vista!

PacienteDesprendimiento de retina

Estaba en México de vacaciones cuando comencé a ver destellos de luz en mi ojo derecho. Fui al Dr. Ancona y él diagnosticó rápidamente una rotura en mi retina. Me trató de inmediato con láser y explicó claramente el proceso. Estoy muy agradecido por la atención que me brindó y por su manera cálida y profesional.


Dr. David Ancona Lezama


Dr. David Ancona puts at your service the most innovative and effective treatments for retinal problems and eye tumors. In addition, Dr. David Ancona is a clinical professor of ophthalmology at Tecnológico de Monterrey (TecSalud) and a Mexican researcher with extensive experience.

Dr. Ancona is a Mexican ophthalmologist located in Monterrey. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad La Salle and the Association to Avoid Blindness in Mexico.

Dr. David Ancona obtained one of the highest scores of the National Examination of Medical Residency Applicants (ENARM). This guaranteed him to carry out his specialty studies in ophthalmology and subsequently the subspecialty of retina and vitreous in the Asociación para evitar  la ceguera en Mexico. This hospital is one of the largest and most respected ophthalmological hospitals in Mexico.

When he finished, he joined the retina service of the General Hospital of Mexico as an assistant doctor. "Dr. Eduardo Liceaga ". This is where he had the opportunity to help in the training of young medical specialists and subspecialists.

He was recruited to the world's most prestigious eye tumor center, located at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, United States. It was there where he made the subspecialty in Ocular Oncology (ocular tumors). Thus, he was able to learn first hand from the parents of ocular oncology Drs. Carol and Jerry Shields.


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